VIDEO: 3-Meter-Long Crocodile Appears On Bali’s Popular Beach

Around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, a lifeguard from the Badung lifeguard squad (Balawista) was watching the popular beach when he noticed a dark item floating in the surf. He initially believed it to be a piece of wood.

He gave it a closer look and saw that it was a crocodile.

The resourceful lifeguards managed to catch the animal and tie it up using ropes and pieces of wood with the help of many residents.

The Denpasar Natural Resources Conservation Agency has successfully evacuated the crocodile, which was allegedly about three meters (9.8F) long.

“It’s likely that this crocodile escaped from captivity, as we’ve had strong winds in the past few days,” Wayan Suyadnya, a spokesman for Badung Balawista, told Coconuts Bali.

The Padma Beach lifeguards blasted their whistles to alert beachgoers as soon as the crocodile approached the shore, according to Fred Gaghauna, who observed the incident and recorded images and video.

Other than today, crocodile invasions of Bali’s beaches have not been documented recently.

“Ever since I joined Badung Balawista in 2005, this was the first time I saw a crocodile on the beach. Even my seniors at Balawista never saw anything like it [in their careers],” Wayan added.