World First Aid Day: Emirati female paramedic reveals challenges of her job

Emirati nurse Wadha Musabbeh Al Shamsi works at Madinat Khalifa Healthcare Centre – Seha Clinic in Abu Dhabi
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Abu Dhabi: On the occasion of World First Aid Day today (September 9), Emirati nurse Wadha Musabbeh Al Shamsi has shared how her job as a paramedic consists of many sensitive responsibilities that require quick decision-making when treating patients.

First aid is considered one of the most important medical fields, especially within the frontline heroes sector, where the response time is crucial with the professionals responsible for providing immediate, lifesaving care to an ill or injured person.

Wadha, who works at Madinat Khalifa Healthcare Centre – Seha Clinic in Abu Dhabi, described her job as one of the sensitive and vital jobs that requires decisive intervention and crucial decision-making in managing a patient’s condition and treatment methods. She believes the job requires special characteristics, including endurance and critical thinking.

As part of her daily routine, she begins by preparing the equipment that will be used during the day, ensuring its suitability, as well as making sure there are sufficient supplies ahead of any emergency situations.

Wadha has completed many first aid training courses to boost her capabilities as a frontline paramedic
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Staying calm

Wadha said: “There are a number of challenges we face as paramedics which we need to adapt to according to the situation. This includes daily work pressures, and overcoming language barriers when communicating, given the cultural diversity of the UAE communities. “

She added: “Paramedics must also have skills such as quick decision-making, staying calm under pressure, empathy and caring for others.”

Wadha has attended several first aid training courses to enhance her skills as a frontline paramedic.

She said: “I extend my gratitude and appreciation to the UAE’s wise leadership and to the Frontline Heroes Office for continuing to trust and support frontline workers. I am determined to keep on caring for people who are in need in the UAE – a country that is close to my heart.”

To mark the occasion of World First Aid Day, the Frontline Heroes Office praised the efforts of paramedics, doctors, and nurses, and their contribution to helping treat and save the lives of people.

The prominent role of paramedics became evident through their swift efforts in the ‘Gallant Knight 2’ operation, as they were ready to provide aid to the injured and wounded in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria earlier this year.