‘World’s nicest judge’ Frank Caprio to speak at International Government Communication Forum in UAE

American Judge Frank Caprio will receive special recognition during the Sharjah Government Communication Award (SGCA) ceremony.
Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: Sharjah is set to host renowned American Judge Frank Caprio, former Chief Judge of the Municipal Court of Providence in the USA, as a keynote speaker at the opening of the 12th edition of the International Government Communication Forum (IGCF 2023).

Caprio’s compassionate rulings made him a global viral sensation on social media, earning him the reputation as “The Nicest Judge in the World”. Caprio will also receive special recognition during the Sharjah Government Communication Award (SGCA) ceremony, which will take place at the conclusion of the activities on the second day.

Organised by the Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB), this year, IGCF runs under the theme ‘Today’s Resources – Tomorrow’s Wealth’, on September 13-14, welcoming a lineup of decision makers, government officials, intellectuals, as well as development and communication experts from around the world.

The forum offers an international platform geared towards advancing the communication industry at the local and global levels. The 12th edition of the forum will offer a packed itinerary of more than 90 activities including panel discussions, speeches, workshops, in addition to pre-forum activities and diverse programmes led by over 250 local and global experts.

Outside the courtroom

Hosting the former Chief Judge at the forum aligns with the IGCF’s commitment to spotlighting individuals who have made a transformative impact on their communities. Judge Caprio’s reputation and global recognition skyrocketed through the power of social media, as videos capturing his courtroom proceedings resonated far and wide.

Judge Caprio’s commitment to delivering compassionate rulings and his genuine understanding of the circumstances faced by those who stood before him have elevated him to the status of a revered figure in the world of jurisprudence. His unconventional yet deeply empathetic approach has left an indelible mark on society, and he is affectionately known as the ‘Nicest Judge in the World’ by his global following.

Judge Caprio’s career began as a teacher at Hope High School in the city of Providence, Rhode Island. While teaching during the day and despite holding a bachelor’s degree from Providence College, he embarked on an ambitious journey, attending night school at the Suffolk University School of Law in Boston to gain his law degree.

Upon successfully completing his studies, he began his career in the legal profession, eventually finding his way to the municipal court of Providence. It was here that he garnered both local and international acclaim, thanks in large part to his televised judicial work on the widely-watched programme, ‘Caught in Providence,’ which has a total viewership on its Youtube page of over 500 million views.