Airfares Dropping By 29% As Fall Approaches – When To Book Thanksgiving And Xmas Trips

The arrival of the fall season is ushering in a noticeable decline in airfares, making it an opportune time for travelers to find more budget-friendly flight options and plan their trips with potential cost savings in mind.

Compared to the summer, airfares for domestic flights fell by 29% in the fall. This is good news for those who want to book a flight before the peak travel season.

“That’s about $87 per ticket less expensive than trips taken in June, July, August—the peak summer months,” Hopper economist Haley Berg told ABC News.

In the upcoming weeks, travelers can anticipate some of the most favorable opportunities to secure cost-effective airfare, as airlines often introduce discounted fares and promotions during this time frame, making it an ideal period for those seeking affordable flight options to various destinations.

“You should be monitoring the price of your holiday travel now and expect to book in the next 4 to 6 weeks,” added Berg.

“You want to book both your Christmas and Thanksgiving travel by mid-October, but expect that prices will be the lowest between about September 15 and October 15.”

Another promising trend for travelers is the fact that airlines are doing much better in terms of flight cancelations.

Over the summer, less than 2% of flights were canceled, a significant improvement over 2022.