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KLCC Holdings Group and KLCCBEA unveil annual ‘Sustainable September’, targeting ESG goals and community engagement in Malaysia’s first SDG hub.

KUALA LUMPUR – The KLCC Holdings Group, working in partnership with the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Business Events Alliance (KLCCBEA), has launched its annual ‘Sustainable September’ initiative. Sustainable September is a month-long campaign that incorporates a range of interconnected sustainability and ESG-related activities in and around the iconic KLCC precinct.

The Sustainable September initiative is part of an ongoing effort by the KLCCBEA partners to showcase the KLCC precinct as the first SDG hub in Malaysia and the region, supporting the Malaysian Government’s SDGs and the various KLCCBEA partners’ own sustainability agenda. With the ultimate objective to position the KLCC precinct as a sustainable destination where leisure and business visitors can “meet, eat, sleep, shop and play” responsibly, the Sustainable September initiative is a community engagement-focused effort to build momentum and awareness of this ongoing year-round effort.

Datuk Md Shah Mahmood, Group Chief Executive Officer of KLCC Property Holdings Berhad, launched this year’s Sustainable September initiative by presiding over and participating in “Jog for a Cause”, a fundraising activity for the National Kidney Foundation (NKF), which incorporated an organised fun run (for 200 participants) around the KLCC Park, as well as kidney health screenings for all participants.

Datuk Md Shah Mahmood was joined on the run by John Burke, General Manager of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, as well as senior management and employees from other KLCCBEA members including the KLCC Holdings Group, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Traders Hotel, and Impiana Hotel.

We believe that every step towards sustainability counts,” says Datuk Md Shah Mahmood, “With ‘Sustainable September’, we envision fostering a culture of environmental and social consciousness that goes beyond a single month. By engaging our community and partners, we can collectively contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. The collective commitment by the KLCCBEA to Sustainable September showcases the significant impact that small changes can make when embraced by a larger community.

John Burke, representing the KLCCBEA, commented, “We are thrilled to be involved in the Sustainable September initiative which would not be possible without in-depth collaboration between the KLCCBEA partners who are all actively contributing to the various activities. We are committed to our sustainability journey and building a sustainable venue, destination and business events supply chain that inspires others to follow suit. We are also delighted that we can be a part of worthy causes such the National Kidney Foundation and Stepping Stone Living Centre in the process.”

In addition to the ‘Jog For A Cause’ launch event, Sustainable September will include various activities including a bake sale to raise funds for the Stepping Stones Living Centre, which cares for underprivileged seniors and children; dedicated mental health and wellbeing education sessions for employees at KLCCBEA partners; a Restaurant Week promotion, raising awareness of some of the delectable, sustainable and healthy food options available to visitors at the KLCC precinct; as well as various recycling initiatives.

Datuk Md Shah Mahmood, concluded, “Sustainable September aligns seamlessly with the larger global effort to combat climate change and preserve the planet for future generations. By emphasising sustainable practices at the local level, the KLCCBEA takes on the role of a catalyst for change, inspiring others to follow suit.”

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