Luo Yunxi joins ‘Friends of Thailand’ Initiative – Enhancing China-Thailand cultural ties – TravelDailyNews Asia

Discover how Chinese celebrity Luo Yunxi’s induction into the ‘Friends of Thailand’ project by TAT and Thailand Privilege Card is strengthening China-Thailand cultural relations and promoting sustainable tourism in Thailand.

Bangkok, Thailand – In a strategic move to bolster tourism, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), in collaboration with the Thailand Privilege Card, recently inducted China’s acclaimed celebrity Luo Yunxi into the esteemed ‘Friends of Thailand’ project. This initiative acknowledges distinguished personalities who significantly elevate Thailand’s reputation as a prime travel destination through their influential presence.

During the China-Thailand Friendship Culture Exchange “Special Live Show with Luo Yunxi” hosted in Bangkok on November 4, Luo Yunxi was honored with the ‘Friends of Thailand’ privilege card. Additionally, he was bestowed the title of “China-Thailand Cultural Friendship Ambassador.”

Mr. Chattan Kunjara Na Ayudhya, TAT Deputy Governor for International Marketing – Asia and the South Pacific, remarked, “Awarding Luo Yunxi with the ‘Friends of Thailand’ card is a privilege. His global fanbase is extensive, and we anticipate that his experiences in Thailand, encompassing our scenic locales, exquisite cuisine, and the overall charm of the nation, will be shared widely amongst his followers.”

Luo Yunxi’s influence is notable, with a following exceeding 28 million in China.

As a ‘Friends of Thailand’ member and Thailand Privilege Cardholder, Luo Yunxi will receive a five-year multiple entry visa renewal, along with benefits such as airport assistance, expedited immigration processes, airport lounge access, and short-distance limousine services.

Additional advantages include exclusive offers and promotions from affiliated partners, spanning health and wellness services, spas, restaurants, hospitality establishments, and retail outlets.

Mr. Manatase Annawat, President of Thailand Privilege Card, stated, “The conferment of the ‘Friends of Thailand’ privilege card to Luo Yunxi is a testament to our dedication in promoting Thailand as a top-tier tourism destination. This aligns seamlessly with the government’s strategy for fostering sustainable tourism development.”

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