Elon Musk Wins CFE Tender To Provide Starlink Internet To All Of Mexico

Following the decision of the CFE tender, Starlink Satellite Systems México, Elon Musk’s company, won the tender because it offered the best price.

Elon Musk has set his eyes on Mexico. First, he built a Tesla car plant in the state of Nuevo León, now he has won a tender from the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) to provide remote regions of the country with internet and communications.

According to the CFE bidding, Starlink Satellite Systems Mexico prevailed over the companies Tangerine Electronics and Apco Networks because it offered the best price. The contract will be valid until December 31, 2026

Reuters stated that the decision was on October 18 and, according to the terms, the contract had to be formalized on October 20.

The Government of Mexico Confirms Contracts With Elon Musk

During Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s press conference on Wednesday, November 15, Emiliano Calderón Mercado, Coordinator of the National Digital Strategy, confirmed the contracts with the company Starlink Satellite Systems México.

He explained that the company owned by Elon Musk will make it possible to achieve the goal set by the federal president to bring Internet to Mexico’s rural communities, that is, to 20 million Mexicans.

“The traditional satellite connection has satellites that are very far from the earth, which causes a time delay in all communications. Elon Musk’s company Starlink has recently started offering a faster satellite service for data transmission, as there is no delay between the earth and the satellites,” he explained.

“The company won the bid because it was a direct provider and not an intermediary. It won the contract for the price it offered… This service is one of the most advanced that exists to respond much faster to connectivity with the whole country,” concluded Calderón Mercado.

According to the federal government, only 117 municipalities in Mexico currently have no Internet connection.