Moxy Bengaluru Airport Prestige Tech Cloud: A new hospitality experience in India – TravelDailyNews Asia

Design and amenities

At the heart of Moxy Bengaluru lies an industrial-chic lobby, blending Bengaluru’s artistic essence with modern functionality. This dynamic space is adorned with artifacts, a graffiti wall showcasing local art, and numerous Instagrammable spots, all set to a background soundtrack that evolves from day to night. The lobby’s design encourages interaction, featuring a comprehensive game arcade, a cozy library, and versatile co-working spaces that promote both productivity and leisure.

Innovative accommodations

The hotel’s 128 rooms, including six suites, redefine modern accommodation with a blend of innovative design and contemporary amenities. Each room features smart, LED lighting, keyless entry, and complimentary Wi-Fi, coupled with Moxy’s unique, space-saving modular furniture. This forward-thinking approach allows guests the flexibility to customize their room layout, perfectly aligning with their individual needs and preferences.

Culinary and social experiences

Moxy Bengaluru sets new culinary benchmarks with its diverse F&B offerings. Bar Moxy, a multifaceted venue, transitions from a dining lounge by day to a vibrant social hub by night, offering signature “Mood based Cocktails.” For quick snacks, Moxy Kitchen & Pickups presents an array of grab-and-go options. Layover, the lively poolside bar, adds to the excitement with its DJ Booth and bold graffiti. The hotel consistently fosters a playful atmosphere through weekly events like Movie Nights and Jenga Wars, encapsulating Moxy’s “Play On” spirit.

Meeting and events

The hotel features three meeting and event rooms with natural daylight, a pre-function area, and a 1000 sqm outdoor event space, along with food takeaway options.

Bengaluru, as the nerve center of India’s high-tech arena, blends its art and cultural richness with the energetic pulse of the 21st century. The young, dynamic, and adventurous ambiance of Bengaluru provides the perfect backdrop for Moxy’s impressive debut in India” commented Anuradha Venkatachalam, Hotel Manager, Moxy Bengaluru Airport Prestige Tech Cloud. “We have created here a unique atmosphere where stylish, spirited, and diverse designs converge to create an immersive experience like no other. I believe, Moxy Hotels is more than just a brand; it’s a whole new VIBE, and we’re here to amplify the energy and create a stir in the hospitality scene in India! I’m excited to welcome our guests to Moxy Bengaluru Airport Prestige Tech Cloud, as we launch a fresh and new taste of hospitality.”