Gulf News Fun Drive: GWM TANK all set for Tilal Swaihan

TANK is a global luxury SUV brand introduced by GWM to address the increasing demand for SUVs worldwide.
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Dubai: Great Wall Motors (GWM), under the distributorship of Swaidan Trading Co, a division of Al Naboodah Group, will be conquering the Tilal Swaihan dunes on the weekend of February 10 and 11 (Saturday and Sunday) at the 42nd edition of the Overnighter Gulf News Fun Drive.


TANK, a global luxury SUV brand introduced by GWM to address the increasing demand for SUVs worldwide, exemplifies GWM’s dedication to innovation, high performance and the introduction of ground-breaking international products. Positioned as a robust, all-terrain, off-road vehicle, TANK is engineered to deliver a secure, seamless, and exhilarating driving experience.

Vadarevu Shiva Kumar, GWM Divisional Head, Swaidan Trading Co. LLC, said: “The Gulf News Fun Drive serves as an impeccable platform for us to emphasise the inherent excellence in our TANK SUVs and join in the collective celebration of our shared passion for off-road adventures. Our sponsorship and participation in the Gulf News Fun Drive allow us the privilege of introducing TANK’s exceptional SUVs to a passionate audience that truly appreciates the art of off-road driving.”

Vadarevu Shiva Kumar, GWM Divisional Head, Swaidan Trading Co. LLC.
Image Credit: Supplied

The numbers

TANK, an SUV brand, has done over six million sales across 60 countries. Its official launch in the UAE in 2023 marked the expansion of Swaidan Trading which holds the exclusive dealership of the TANK vehicles in UAE.

TANK’s vehicles seamlessly blend off-road capabilities with modern luxury and comfort. The interiors boast features such as a 12.3-inch interactive screen, a 360-degree camera, heated and cooled front seats, and wireless charging, culminating in an unparalleled luxury experience.

Tank 300’s off-road capabilities

The TANK 300 fits well with people looking for a comfortable, off-road driving experience. With its robust build, elevated ground clearance, and advanced suspension, this vehicle effortlessly navigates challenging terrains, including sandy deserts. The all-terrain progress control (ATPC) system, offering nine driving modes, caters to both off-road enthusiasts and diverse terrains. The TANK 300’s four-wheel-drive system ensures good traction on uneven surfaces, backed by a potent 2.0l Turbo engine capable of overcoming any challenge. Furthermore, its front and rear differential lock channels engine traction, improving terrain navigation.

Tank 500 Excels on Challenging Terrain

Each TANK 500 is furnished with a 9-speed automatic transmission, an intelligent electronically controlled 4WD+ centre, and a rear differential lock, epitomising advanced automotive engineering. The 4WD system, utilising advanced technology, automatically allocates power to all four wheels, enhancing traction and stability on slippery or uneven terrain. The rear differential lock ensures maximum power distribution to all wheels, offering a significant advantage in off-road or challenging terrain scenarios.

The TANK 500 is equipped with a 3.0l 6-cylinder Twin-Turbo engine, cutting-edge systems, including a 360-degree camera, auto-parking assist, lane management, collision warning and braking, adaptive cruise control, and crawl control. With dual differential locks enabling 100 per cent torque transmission between wheels, the vehicle excels at navigating difficult terrains. Activating Creep Mode TCC during hill climbs or complex road conditions and employing the ESP system for automatic adjustment of drive torque and brake pressure ensures deliberate, worry-free off-road advancement without constant refuelling and braking.


TANK owners also get a comprehensive six-year/200,000km new car warranty and 10 year/1 million km warranty on engine and transmission, is extended to cover every new TANK vehicle. This warranty is thoughtfully designed to shield owners from unexpected repairs and expenses, providing a solid foundation of reliability and support.

Where to find your TANK vehicle

Swaidan Trading has two TANK showrooms, one on Al Ittihad Road in Deira, Dubai, and the other on Al Masi St. in Abu Dhabi. Service centres have been inaugurated in Deira and Abu Dhabi.

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GWM, an exclusive partner of Al Naboodah Group since 2003, is the automotive sponsor of the 42nd Gulf News Fun Drive.

Checkpoint sponsors for the event include the exclusive Automotive Sponsor, GWM Tank – Al Naboodah, and Castrol Magnatec, which serves as the exclusive lubricant sponsor.

Additionally, Dobinsons Springs & Suspension Trading LLC, Al Jazira Poultry Farms LLC, TORC – The Off Road Company, and Yokohama Geolandar, the official tire for the event, are among the checkpoint sponsors.

Other support sponsors comprise Karcher, Xbox, Byrne, Steigens, and Tornado Watches.

Capital Hospitality is responsible for catering the Fun Drive, while the Iranian Hospital is the medical partner.

Recovery operations are being handled by IATC – the International Automobile and Touring Club of UAE.

Al Ain Water is the official water sponsor, and Quanta is the ice cream sponsor.