Dubai launches world’s first sustainable mobile floating fire station

Combining efficiency and sustainability, Dubai’s mobile fire station takes on marine emergencies
Image Credit: WAM

Dubai: Dubai Civil Defence has launched the world’s first sustainable sea-based fire station, marking a significant step forward in safety infrastructure and innovation

The initiative reflects Dubai’s strategy to constantly enhance its fire and rescue services and raise environmental sustainability.

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Engineered to provide high efficiency in safeguarding marine activities as well as enhanced coverage and swifter response times, the new mobile floating fire station is set to transform maritime emergency response mechanisms in Dubai.

The first of its kind in the world to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, the floating structure is 70 per cent more cost-effective than traditional marine fire stations.

Lieutenant General Expert Rashid Thani Al Matroushi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defense, said: “The deployment of the mobile floating fire station marks a significant step forward in our journey towards achieving global leadership in safety and security. The inauguration of this station not only demonstrates our dedication to generating innovative safety solutions but also aligns with our commitment to contributing to enhance Dubai’s overall infrastructure and services. A significant enhancement to our marine firefighting capabilities, this facility makes Dubai a frontrunner in reducing response times to maritime incidents, with a target response time of just four minutes.”

The launch of the floating station also increases the safety index in maritime navigation and water channels in Dubai with the use of innovative smart solutions, Al Matroushi added. The station’s strategic deployment will ensure comprehensive coverage across Dubai’s maritime and navigational zones that are crucial elements of the emirate’s geography, significantly enhancing Dubai’s responsiveness to accidents at sea, he noted.

Designed with sustainability at its core, the station embodies Dubai’s commitment to environmental conservation while maintaining the highest standards of safety and efficiency. With the capability to accommodate 16 individuals, the building stands out for its eco-friendly design. Operating as a mobile marine station, the floating structure eliminates the necessity for dedicated land space, resulting in both cost savings and a significant contribution to reducing carbon footprint and preserving green spaces. Additionally, the floating building showcases mobility with a notable speed of 11 miles per hour.

As Dubai continues to grow as a major hub for maritime trade and tourism, the floating fire station demonstrates the high priority the emirate’s leadership places on driving greater safety innovation and excellence. Through the implementation of innovative solutions and the latest technologies, Dubai Civil Defense continues to provide world-class fire and rescue services, contributing to Dubai’s vision of becoming a global leader in safety and security.