Gulf Medical University offers Foundation & Pathway to Medicine Program

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Celebrating 25 years of operation in the UAE, Thumbay Group’s Gulf Medical University is renowned for its academic excellence and global impact in health professions education. With 35 accredited programmes, including undergraduate, post-graduate and internships, across six colleges, it attracts a diverse student body of 96 nationalities, including a significant number of Indian medical aspirants.

Notably, through exclusive programmes like the University of London and Upper Austria International Foundation Program and the innovative Pathway to International Medicine Program showcase its approach to providing a comprehensive and globally-oriented education for aspiring healthcare professionals.

Programmes tailored for career success

Some courses are a route for learners with a good academic record to enter the medical profession, whilst others are designed to widen access to the international state-of-the-art training. All are designed to better prepare international applicants for a full-time career in health professions industry.

International Foundation Programs are tailored for undergraduates aspiring to enter medicine and non-medicine fields. Lasting nine months to a year, these programmes address academic gaps, enhance learning skills, and ensure language proficiency, preparing students academically for their desired medicine programmes.

The curriculum, which is degree-specific, includes a range of science-related modules such as those in biology, chemistry, mathematics, statistics, and STEMM statistic, with successful completion allowing a seamless transition to the chosen undergraduate programme in globally recognised premier education institutions. Admissions for the 2024 intake are currently open.

On the other hand, Gulf Medical University also offers a diverse range of educational pathways catering to aspiring healthcare professionals. The Pathway to International Medicine Program, a unique Twinning Program, involves three years of pre-clinical sciences study at Gulf Medical University in the UAE, followed by three years of medical and clinical study at selected international universities in Poland, Italy, Ghana, Malaysia, Egypt, the UK, and the Americas.

Upon completion, students receive their medical graduation from their chosen foreign university, preparing them to become skilled and globally-minded healthcare professionals.

Additionally, the university provides a comprehensive array of Masters/Executive Masters/Graduate Programs, including specialised fields such as Public Health in collaboration with the University of Arizona (United States), Physical Therapy, Endodontics, Periodontics, Clinical Pharmacy, Drug Discovery and Development, Postgraduate PharmD, Healthcare Management and Economics, Health Professions Education, and Medical Laboratory and Medical Ultrasound.

Moreover, Gulf Medical University stands out with its unique offerings, providing specialized education through Diploma Programs like the Diploma of Dental Assistant and Diploma in Pharmacy Technician. The Bachelor/Undergraduate Programs encompass a diverse range, including Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Biomedical Sciences, Healthcare Management and Economics, Anesthesia Technologies, Medical Imaging Sciences, Medical Laboratory Sciences, and Physiotherapy.

Aspiring medical professionals can pursue their career through the acclaimed MD Program, while the Graduate Entry Doctor of Medicine Program offers an efficient and streamlined pathway to success.

Gulf Medical University, on the other hand, seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence (AI) and informatics into its curriculum, recognizing their pivotal roles in the future of healthcare. Through certificate courses offered by Thumbay Institute of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare in collaboration with MIT xPro, GMU ensures students are trained to analyse data, make informed decisions, and drive innovation in healthcare, preparing them for careers in a data-driven healthcare landscape.

For those seeking a PhD programme, the university offers Doctor of Philosophy in Precision Medicine (PhD PM) too.

Upcoming institutes and cutting-edge programmes: Shaping the future

Thumbay Group, the conglomerate that runs and operates the Gulf Medical University, has an ambitious Vision 2028 that is aimed to reshape the landscape of health professions education. With a focus on doubling student intake, new innovative programmes have been launched that blend theory with practical training.

Upcoming plans include: Thumbay Institute of Veterinary Sciences, Thumbay Institute of Autism, Thumbay Institute of Wellness which highlight its keenness to leading education in diverse segments of healthcare. Additionally, plans for institutes focusing on Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Unani along with Insurance demonstrate Gulf Medical University’s holistic approach to global healthcare and medico-legal studies.