Los Cabos Average Hotel Rates Hit Record High This Spring

The record flow of both domestic and foreign tourists during the ‘Spring Break’ and Easter seasons to Los Cabos further the popularity of the beach resort destination. 

Along with reporting over 330,000 visitors during the month of March, an average rate of $564 per night was recorded for hotels. Luxury hotels in the region like Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal, Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas and Solaz, a Luxury Collection Resort were just a few of the handful of luxury properties whose higher rates skewed the overall average. 

According to the Los Cabos Hotel Association, the destination had an average of 83% hotel occupancy in the month of March with peaks close to 90%. Broken down by region in terms of occupancy was as follows: Cabo San Lucas (83%), Corridor (86%) and San Jose del Cabo (78%).

Due to the influx of tourists visiting Los Cabos and the crimes tend to increase during the holiday period, the general secretary of the government of Baja California Sur, Saúl González Núñez deployed additional security to the region. To help protect tourists and locals, 140 elements of the National Guard arrived during this busy tourist period. 

The effort by the security institutions of the three levels of government highlighted travelers’ renewed confidence in the safety and hospitality in the region. The resurgence of visitors also highlighted the region’s economic recovery and being one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Mexico.

The idyllic beach destination with its bright sun, fresh breezes, the turquoise blue of the sea, vibrant nightlife and festivities continue to draw crowds and break records. 

This mirrors a recent analysis carried out by TripAdvisor, in that Los Cabos (or Cabo) has ranked as the most expensive destination in Mexico in 2024.

On average, you can find flights starting at $447, which is still reasonable. But it’ll be a little bit more difficult to find hotels for less than $475 per night.