Vietnam’s Tourism website outranks regional competitors, attracting global attention

Vietnam’s national tourism site,, surpasses Thailand’s in global rankings, showcasing Vietnam as a leading destination in Southeast Asia.

The national tourism promotion website of the Vietnam National Authority of Tourism is ranked among the top, surpassing Thailands tourism website and ranking above many other countries in the region.

Specifically, according to the March 2024 rankings of the global website rating and ranking site (similarweb), ranked #132,676 in the world, surpassing Thailand’s travel website (#136,108), and much higher than the Philippines (#808,295), Malaysia (#881,886). In the Southeast Asia region, Singapore’s travel website is in the leading position (#84,176).

Regarding the web traffic rate from international markets, has an outstandingly high rate (reaching 85%), higher than Indonesia (64%), Thailand (44%), Malaysia (42%), Philippines (28%). This ratio shows that Vietnam’s website is doing well in attracting the attention of foreign markets.

Regarding the bounce rate (basically the lower the better), the website reached a rate of 65.09%, better than Singapore (69.64%), Thailand (72.34%), Indonesia (75.95%), Malaysia (66.03%), for found that the quality of Vietnam tourism information is attractive and retains viewers quite well.

Some other notable indicators, the proportion of users accessing the website by mobile phone accounts for 74%, accessing from desktop computers accounts for 26%; the proportion of female users is 59.34%, male users are 40.66%. Users aged 25-34 account for the largest proportion with 32.23%; followed by the age group 35-44 (17.81%) and 45-54 (17.66%); lower is the age group 18-24 (14.62%) and 55-64 (11.45%).

The positive ranking results of the website reflect the positive effectiveness in implementing Vietnam tourism marketing abroad on the digital platform of the Vietnam National Authority of Tourism, contributing to the results of attracting international visitors to Vietnam in recent times. is the website of the Vietnam National Authority of Tourism specialized in promoting the image and brand of Vietnam tourism to the world, managed and operated by the Tourism Information Technology Center. In the context that the Vietnam National Authority of Tourism and the entire industry are fiercely implementing tasks and solutions to accelerate recovery and development of tourism, the Tourism Information Technology Center has promoted content innovation, and communication methods, combining media marketing on the website and various social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. .. to create widespread awareness among users.

Media content focuses on widely promoting new policies on visa exemption and issuance of electronic visas for international tourists – an important factor creating motivation to attract international visitors to Vietnam. At the same time, the website enhances the introduction of Vietnam’s main types of tourism such as island tourism, cultural tourism, culinary tourism, and ecotourism. Promote outstanding cultural, sports and tourism events. Focus on introducing new and unique destinations and new trend tourism products suitable to the demands of post-epidemic tourists such as health care tourism, adventure tourism, sports tourism, golf tourism, rural tourism… Strong communication about prestigious titles and awards that the international community votes for Vietnam tourism is the basis for international tourists to confidently choose Vietnam as a destination. Thereby, the image of beautiful, attractive Vietnam tourism with classy and quality services is spread to tourists around the world.

The Tourism Information Technology Center will continue to deploy programmes to promote Vietnam tourism abroad on the website and social networking sites to attract visitors to Vietnam. Strengthen coordination with localities, destinations, and businesses in the tourism industry to promote attractive destinations, products, and services of Vietnam tourism, with a focus on digital transformation, green transformation, sustainable tourism development trends.

Theodore is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of TravelDailyNews Media Network; his responsibilities include business development and planning for TravelDailyNews long-term opportunities.