UAE weather forecast: Spring moves into summer, with light, scattered April showers next week

Rainy clouds in Dubai
Partly cloudy skies expected in Dubai on Monday and Tuesday.
Image Credit: Evangeline Elsa/ Gulf News

Dubai: As UAE’s seasons transition from spring to summer, the weather pattern is also shifting. As it gets warmer, some parts of the country might experience the last of scattered, light April rain next week.

The intensity of the unstable weather, seen earlier this week, is behind us.

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Gulf News spoke to Dr Habib Ahmed, a senior meteorologist at the National Centre for Meterology (NCM) to find out about the transitioning weather.

“From Monday night, the country will undergo an extension of weak surface low pressure and an extension of low pressure in the upper air, causing the development of some clouds.

Low-pressure surface area causes clouds to develop
In meteorology, a low-pressure area is where the atmospheric pressure is lower than that of the surrounding areas.
This lower pressure is usually caused by the rising of warm air in areas where the surface temperature is high. When warm air rises, it cools and condenses, forming clouds. As the air continues to rise, the water vapor in the clouds condenses into water droplets, which eventually become large enough to fall as precipitation, such as rain.

“We are expecting medium cloud coverage in general, to begin late on Monday night in the west. The clouds will continue moving to the Eastern parts of the country, till Tuesday afternoon,” Dr Habib said.

He explained that the skies will be partly cloudy to cloudy, causing scattered showers on the way, as they cross Al Ain, some parts of Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah.

“There is a slight chance that Fujairah may receive heavy rainfall, but it is too early to predict that,” he added.

However, the intensity of the rain will be nowhere near this week’s unstable weather situation, Dr Habib highlighted.

“The rain will be very less in comparison. This is because, unlike the last weather system that caused heavy rains, there is no humidity accompanying that low-pressure situation this time. It will only be moderate clouds.”

A slight drop in temperatures will also be experienced across the country on Tuesday and Wednesday, with a lower heat index, offering a gentle passage into summer.

This means that even though the air temperature in the region is higher as we approach the warmer months, due to lower humidity and north-westerly winds, the weather won’t feel too hot till Wednesday, he explained.