Pakistani software engineer delivers ‘miracle baby’ in Sharjah amid UAE’s historic storm

Umber Ali, a software engineer in Sharjah, delivered a baby boy before term amid the storm in Sharjah.
Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: A Pakistani software engineer, who delivered a baby in an emergency procedure in the midst of the UAE’s historic storm last week, says it was nothing short of a miracle.

Grateful to the Almighty, the doctors and volunteers who made this possible, Umber Ali, 33, told Gulf News, shortly after she was discharged from hospital this morning, “My baby boy survived not just the storm outside, but also within, after I had an emergency situation on Tuesday evening.”

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Umber, who lives with her husband Mohammed Ali, also a software engineer, and their four-year-old, first born daughter, said her husband managed to drive them to the hospital which she was consulting, but given the flooded situation, she was moved to Aster Hospital Sharjah in an ambulance for an emergency C section.

Umber Ali with her husband and first child.
Image Credit: Supplied

“My baby was not due until July 7. But he decided to arrive early,” she said.

“Our family friends tried very hard to be with us at the hospital but could do so because of the water-logged roads,” she said, but was thankful for the safe delivery of the child.

While the baby boy is still in NICU at the hospital, Umber said she was also very grateful to volunteers on the Rain Support UAE forum who promptly helped her reach home upon discharge.

“I was ready for discharge last night itself, but our car has been damaged by the flood waters. I asked for help on one of the Rain Support UAE groups and a couple, like a Godsend, came forward to bring me home this morning. I have so much to be thankful for,” said Umber, minutes after reaching home.

The couple wanted to stay anonymous, she added.

Umber said the volunteers were just like family. “Some of them even offered to put us up in their homes. I am genuinely thankful for their kindness and generosity,” she added.

Umber claimed her building is still surrounded by water, but the utilities are fully functional.

“That is such a relief,” she said.

Asked about her newborn’s name, she said, “I am still looking for a suitable name for my miracle boy and am open to suggestions.”