Ireland: Overseas Arrivals Reached 88% Of Pre-Pandemic Volumes in June

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) of Ireland revealed that the number of overseas arrivals in June 2022 reached 88 per cent of the pre-pandemic levels.

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The latest Air and Sea Travel Statistics show that more than 1,703,2000 overseas passengers reached Ireland in June 2022. This shows a dramatic recovery compared to June 2021, when the country registered only 160,000 arrivals, reports.

Nonetheless, arrivals from overseas still remained 12 per cent below the levels of June 2019, when around 1,941,100 passengers arrived in Ireland.

Commenting on the June figures, Gregg Patrick, Statistician, said that the recovery was seen both in air and sea travel, while pointing out that the recovery of air travel was more noticeable, with a twelve-fold increase compared to June 2021.

In addition, Patrick explained that in June 2022, the recovery was spread across all major routes. Regarding continental routes, it was revealed that the Spanish routes were the busiest. Around 250,800 passengers arrived on the Spanish routes, which is more than seventeen-fold compared to June 2021.

“The recovery is also spread across all major routes, with transatlantic traffic up most in relative terms with 19 transatlantic passengers arriving in June 2022 for everyone in June 2021. Among the continental routes, Spanish routes were the busiest, with 250,800 passengers arriving on these routes, a more than seventeen-fold increase compared to June 2021,” the statement of Patrick.

Furthermore, Patrick revealed that in overall terms, Great Britain was the main departure country for overseas travellers to Ireland. Around 530,600 passengers from Great Britain arrived on air and sea routes in June 2020.

“Great Britain remained the most important departure country for overseas travellers to Ireland, with 530,600 passengers arriving on air and sea routes from Great Britain, compared to just 57,700 in June 2021,” Patrick added.

Great Britain was followed by Spain and Germany, with around 267,500 and 113,500 passengers, respectively, reaching Ireland in June 2022.

CSO data further show that around 534,300 arrivals and 596,200 departures were registered in June 2022 from the Cross channel. Additionally, the same shows that in June 2022, around 910,600 arrivals and 979,500 departures were registered from the Continental.

As for Transatlantic travel, data show that around 208,500 arrivals and 202,300 departures were registered during June 2022.

Earlier in July Ireland’s travel agents reported a notable increase in the number of bookings. An increase of ten per cent in booking was registered by Irish travel agents for the period between April and June 2022.