Nepalese car washman wins whopping Dh10 million from Mahzooz draw in Dubai

Bharat winner
Nepalese Bharat, 31, (left) receives a symbolic Dh10million cheque from Farid Samji, CEO of Ewings, operator of Mahzooz

Dubai: The life of a 31-year old Nepalese father of two, who works as a car washman and earns Dh1,300 monthly, has drastically changed overnight after he bagged the top prize of Dh10 million during the 94th Mahzooz weekly raffle draw.

Bharat, the top prize winner, said he does not even have a bank account to his name and the massive prize amount he won is equivalent to over 345 million Nepalese rupees.

“The excitement is overwhelming,” he said during a media presentation on Wednesday, where he received a symbolic cheque from Farid Samji, CEO of Ewings, the operator of Mahzooz.

‘Many lives will change’

“This prize (Dh10 million) will enable me to achieve so much. It will change the lives of so many people,” said Bharat, adding: “I am looking forward to paying off my mortgages and other bills as soon as possible.”

Though now a multi-millionaire, Bharat said he will remain to live a “simple life”. “It’s important for me to set up the future of my two children — aged five and three years old. This would be an incredible thing to accomplish,” he added.

Bharat, who matched five out five winning numbers (16, 27, 31, 37, 42), is the first Nepalese to win the top prize and the 28th overall Mahzooz millionaire — six of whom were crowned this summer, between June and September.

Speaking on behalf of Mahzooz, Samji said: “We have been seeing an unprecedent enthusiasm among the Nepalese community to regularly participate in Mahzooz. So far, over 3,200 lucky Nepalese participants have been among Mahzooz winners, 28 of which have scored the first and second prizes.”