Jobless driver in Dubai among Dh77,777 Emirates Draw MEGA7 game winners

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(Clockwise) Moheddin Yasari, Charlie Antoun and Nareg Galoustanian are amongst the latest winners of Emirates Draw in Dubai.

Dubai: A Syrian driver, 45, who had lost his job during the COVID-19 pandemic, is among the four UAE residents who took home Dh77,777 each in the latest Emirates Draw MEGA7 game.

The game offered Dh863,002 in total prizes to over 626 winners from the Middle East and beyond.

Nareg Galoustanian, Moheddin Yasari, Nabil Elias, and Charlie Antoun are among the Raffle winners, who won Dh77,777 each.

Nabil Elias, a Syrian has been a resident of Dubai for over nineteen years, working as a driver. He faced adverse conditions during the pandemic, with the loss of his job leading to a significant financial strain. “Honestly, I was not a firm believer in draws, but my unfortunate circumstances encouraged me to participate in hopes to enhance my life. After participating for four months, I finally won! This win changed my perception of draws and made me believe that trying is always better, beyond any doubt. I encourage every person going through a struggle to participate in Emirates Draw MEGA7 today to change their lives,” he passionately says. When asked about his plan with the winning amount, Nabil says it will help pay his dues, rent, and much-needed support for his family in his hometown.

Lucky date turns lucky

Nareg Galoustanian, from Armenia, is 34-year-old who firmly believes in the power of numbers and the law of energy. “I consider 22 February 2022 a lucky day for me, and 27 is the English ordinal number for my name. So, on the 22nd of September 2022, exactly seven months after my lucky day, I purchased a ticket because I had a strong feeling that I was going to win with Emirates Draw MEGA7, and here we are,” he narrates fondly.

Nareg did not learn about his win immediately; it was through a friend who called to inform him. As he read the congratulatory email, he realised that the first 2 digits of his Raffle ID2730360 matched his ordinal number. “It’s an amazing feeling, especially when I knew this win was meant for me. I hope all participants get to experience a win like mine. Also, I admire the community-driven initiative led by Emirates Draw, which adds an incentive to play the game,” he says. Nareg plans to share a significant portion of his win to support his family back in the US and the remaining amount for future investments.

Sons’ birthdays become lucky

Moheddin Yasari, also from Syria, is a PR professional residing in the UAE for over 42 years, has a sentimental Raffle draw win for the first time, thanks to his sons. “After continuously playing in hopes of winning, I almost gave up, but then I decided to merge both my sons’ birthdays into my 7-digit entry, which proved to be a win! This win was special because the numbers chosen are dear to my heart. I urge everyone to participate and never give up; once you win, it will truly change your life.” Moheddin intends to pay back his loan and help his family back home.

Small wins lead to big one

After multiple small wins, Charlie’s big win has knocked on his door. The 43-year-old Lebanese Operations Management professional residing in the UAE for over twenty years happily recalls, “I received many small wins from Emirates Draw in the past few months. So, this time, my first thought was, perhaps it’s the same! As I finally read the complete email that Sunday night and saw numerous seven digits that amounted to Dh77,777, I was overly excited and couldn’t sleep.” Charlie mentions that he has longed for a family vacation with his wife and daughter and couldn’t plan due to unforeseen circumstances and the pandemic. This big win gifted him a family trip and the opportunity to help a few relatives back home who are in need.

Dh100 million grand prize

The Dh100 Million Grand Prize, the largest in the MENA region, remains up for grabs to be claimed by a single person or group of people who match all seven numbers from the right. Participants have another opportunity to try for the life-changing prize in the next draw set to broadcast at 9pm on Sunday, October2.