Why you need OMRON’s smart body composition monitor, VIVA


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It’s 7am and your alarm goes off. You’re still sleepy but curious about your body metrics. This week, you put a lot of effort into your new exercise routine and healthy diet advised by your doctor. Has all that hard work paid off?

Step on OMRON VIVA — OMRON’s first smart body composition monitor — to find out. VIVA will give you information about body metrics that are predictors of cardiovascular events with clinically validated accuracy.

Importance of body composition

Although looking better is a strong stimulus to train harder and control our food intake, body composition relevance goes far beyond personal appearance. About 20 per cent people worldwide suffer from normal weight obesity, a condition of having normal body weight but with a high body fat percentage.

Even if your BMI is good, you might still be at risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality and other conditions associated with chronic diseases, such as insulin resistance, hypertension, and dyslipidemia if your levels of visceral fat are too high.

In addition, as muscle mass decreases with age, accumulation of body fat becomes much easier.

Analysis of visceral and subcutaneous fat levels is needed for better insights on actual obesity.

VIVA helps you dig deeper than just weight and it does so with accurate readings.

Step on and know your numbers

With the introduction of OMRON VIVA, you will be able to track visceral fat, body fat and skeletal muscle at home — parameters that can help predict cardiovascular events.

Visceral fat accumulates around your vital organs. In order to prevent or improve conditions of common diseases, it is important to try and reduce visceral fat levels to an acceptable level. Excess of this active fat affects how your hormones and body function. It increases your blood pressure and impacts your overall well-being.

VIVA also tracks three other vital body metrics: resting metabolism, weight and BMI.

Patients can easily share results of their progress with a healthcare professional. Controlling body composition can help to improve or maintain patient’s health. VIVA Smart Body Composition Monitor has been designed to support their journey to a healthier lifestyle, giving valuable insights into the factors that can influence the future of their heart.

Detailed overview of six vital body metrics measured over time can be easily shared via email with a doctor, nutritionist or trainer. VIVA is a part of OMRON Connect, a clinical ecosystem with best-in-class smart validated blood pressure monitors.

Seamlessly connected to track your progress

Connectivity is at the very heart of VIVA’s unique set of benefits. Just step on and your measurements will automatically synchronise with the easy-to-use OMRON connect app. It keeps track of your body metrics over time, all of which you can easily export and share with your doctor, nutritionist or trainer. If you don’t have your mobile handy, VIVA will store up to 30 days of measurements per user until you’re able to sync.

As a result, you will be able to monitor your body changes over time, obtaining crucial insights about the evolution of your cardiovascular health.

Comprehensive approach

Do you have an OMRON Healthcare connected blood pressure monitor or are you thinking about getting one? Good news: you can synchronise both OMRON devices to the OMRON connect app, gaining an even more comprehensive approach to your cardiovascular health and actionable insights to set your targets appropriately.