At Rome Cavalieri’s lounge, drink as the Romans: Travel Weekly

It’s aperitivo time. Do you know where you are?

If you’re at the Rome Cavalieri, a Waldorf Astoria Hotel, hopefully you’re at the Chandon Garden Spritz Lounge.

This alfresco dining area, which opened this year, is set up adjacent to the hotel’s swimming pools and is an ideal place to wind down on a hot summer day at the hotel. 

Get there at opening time for an Aperol spritz or one of my favorites, the straight-up glass of bubbly (Moet & Chandon here, if you please). It also sells its namesake, the Chandon Garden Spritz, which is a Champagne that includes hints of orange, herbs and spices; it’s garnished with a sprig of rosemary.

The restaurant makes a Negroni in addition to other, non-when-in-Rome cocktails like margaritas and mai tais. And in the modern spirit, it has a short list of creative low-alcohol and zero-proof drinks.

Order what you like but know that an Aperol or Garden spritz matches perfectly with the orangy cushions on the teak chairs and sets off the cream-colored shade umbrellas.

Oh, you want to eat, too? The menu is a mix of crudo, sushi and light appetizers. A Green Egg Grill menu includes skewers of grilled chicken, steak, fish and vegetarian options.

Best of all is the atmosphere of being in the Cavalieri’s extensive grounds at sunset.