Sharjah Police arrest 32, seize Dh14m worth illegal drugs

Part of the illegal consignment that was seized by Sharjah Police.
Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: In an operation called “Unveiling the Curtain”, Sharjah Police anti-narcotics officers arrested an international gang of 32 suspects of Asian and Arab nationalities, who attempted to smuggle narcotic and psychotropic substances worth Dh14 million into the country.

Colonel Majid Al Assam, Director of the Anti-Narcotics Department at Sharjah Police, revealed that information had been received from a source indicating the presence of an international gang that was in the process of bringing the drugs into the country, relying on two smuggling methods.

He said his team began its monitoring and investigation operations, and based on the evidence and data received, one of the parties to the gang formation was arrested. This party was in possession of 50kg of hashish, and 49 litres of liquid crystal, and it turned out that they were receiving instructions from someone who lived outside the country.

The gang had taken up a warehouse in a neighbouring emirate to store their consignments. The Sharjah Police who swopped in on the gang members arrested them and seized 1,170,000 pills of psychotropic substances.

The official said the gang had been exploiting a customs clearance company and had also smuggled crystal meth in liquid state in the body of a car in which they entered the country.

However, the Sharjah Police got the better of them.

Colonel Al Assam said that the Sharjah Police will continue to direct its pre-emptive strikes against drug dealers and promoters, with the experience of its personnel and security vigilance.

He called on community members to report any suspicious activity on 8004654 or via email [email protected].