42nd Gulf News Overnighter Fun Drive: Participants enjoy discounts, activations by support sponsors

GWM TANK 500 during the Gulf News Fun Drive on Feb 10, 2024
GWM TANK 500 during the 42nd Gulf News Overnighter Fun Drive – the Tilal Swaihan Experience on Saturday morning
Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: The 42nd Overnighter Gulf News Fun Drive – the Tilal Swaihan Experience started this morning (Saturday) and the support sponsors are bringing discounts and interesting activations, so don’t miss meeting them on the Drive.

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Nutritious take away before the Drive

Al Jazira Golden Eggs is a check-point sponsor for the Fun Drive and they have nutritious eggs to give away for you.

Yasmin Shameer, Marketing Manager, Al Jazira (Golden Eggs) said: “Our role is to provide participants with nutritious and delicious boiled eggs as they embark on their fun-filled drive through the desert. We understand the importance of maintaining energy levels during such adventures and we aim to enhance their experience by offering our high-quality eggs. In addition to fueling participants with our nutritious eggs, we plan to elevate the excitement by organising fun-filled games at the campsite. The aim is to make every participant feel like a winner, leaving no one disappointed. We are enthusiastic about contributing to the overall enjoyment of this event and look forward to adding an extra layer of fun for all participants.”

Shameer said: “For us, Golden Eggs, the Gulf News Fun Drive – Tilal Swaihan Experience represents an opportunity for us to align with an event that promotes adventure, outdoor enjoyment and community engagement, all of this which promotes good health. By supporting such an initiative, we demonstrate our commitment towards fitness and good health for our customers.”

She said: “The Gulf News Fun Drive provides a platform for individuals and families to come together, explore the desert landscape and create lasting memories. By associating ourselves with this event, we connect with our audience on a more personal level, fostering positive brand association with a healthy and nourishing product and reinforcing our commitment to promoting an active and enjoyable lifestyle. This year, Golden Eggs, is a check point sponsor at the 42nd Gulf news Fun Drive – Tilal Swiahan Experience.”

Shameer added: “We have been supporting the annual Gulf News Fun Drive event for many years as check point sponsor. Our partnership with Gulf News for this event has been longstanding and we are proud to have been a part of this exciting journey for so many years. We have witnessed the growing enthusiasm of participants year after year, which motivates us to continue our support and contribute to the success of this fun-filled event

GN Fun Drive logo for 42nd edition
Image Credit: Gulf News

Benefitting from an event of such scale

Shameer said participating in events like this offers us an excellent platform to engage with our existing and potential customers while offering a healthy snack. Nutritious eggs align perfectly with their mission to provide healthy food options to the community. “Moreover, the event provides valuable opportunity to serve our customers where they least expect. Overall, participating in events like the Fun Drive helps strengthen our bond with our customers and serves as an opportunity to meet, engage with the community,” she said.

Golden Eggs have one of the largest variety of nutritious eggs ranging from regular eggs to Omega-3, DHA Omega-3, Lutein, Eco & Veg Fed hen eggs and Freshest Organic eggs; each variety imparting a distinct health benefit to the consumer.

“The most recent addition to our range is the ‘Smoked Eggs’ which has already been appreciated by many of our customers as a clear winner on the taste aspect blended with the perfect smoke aroma. For the Fun Drive, participants will be able to enjoy this unique product as well. Congenial climate, adventurous drive through the dunes , wonderful company of friends and offering of delicacies help revive the hospitability and life in desert,” she said.

Medical support

Dr Mohammad Fathi

Dr Mohammad Fathi, Director-General of Iranian Hospital, said: “We would like to highlight the message of our support of humanity in terms of medical services among the attendees and improve the campaign’s sense of healthy support. Iranian Hospital, under the auspices of the Iranian Red Crescent Society, is honoured to be a supporter of social activities aimed at improving society’s health and happiness. We are pleased to announce that Iranian Hospital-Dubai has been providing medical services to UAE nationals and other expatriates for more than 52 years. The Gulf News Fun Drive is a major activity in the UAE to promote a healthy and wellness environment for humans. We are ready to support this cheerful assembly through medical support.”

New brand launches at the Fun Drive

Manu Krishnan, Sales Manager, Steigens, said: “We are fascinated by the high level of positivity Gulf News Fun Drive spreads by involving a diverse group participants and offering them a communal living experience, a weekend filled with fun, excitement and adventure. We are happy to associate with an eminent brand like Gulf News and be part of such a great event with an unmatched heritage.”

Krishnan said the company is introducing two global brands at the Gulf News Fun Drive – Chase Plus and Aggert. “We will be exhibiting our products range and will be offering an exclusive event discount for the Gulf News Fun Drive attendees.”

Manu Krishnan
Image Credit: Supplied

Participating on the Fun Drive for the first time Steigens will take the event as an opportunity to engage with a broad audience. “We look forward to attend Gulf News Fun Drive in the coming years as well. Our team is excited to experience the adventurous and fun-filled weekend. This will be an opportunity for us to engage with a broad audience who will love our product range. We offer a great collection of premium corporate fashion and smart gadgets to enrich your lifestyle.”

Meeting a diverse audience

Hamza Fakhruddin

Hamza Fakhruddin, Managing Director, Sterling Parfums, said: “The Gulf News Fun Drive is an opportunity for Sterling Parfums to engage with a diverse audience and showcase our luxury perfumes amidst a thrilling adventure, aligning with our brand’s essence of sophistication and excitement. Sterling Parfums will engage participants through branded giveaways, fragrance stations, and interactive experiences, amplifying the fun-filled atmosphere of the 42nd Gulf News Fun Drive. Sterling Parfums has proudly supported the Gulf News Fun Drive for few years now, continuously enhancing our brand presence and forging meaningful connections with participants. Participating in events like the Gulf News Fun Drive provides invaluable exposure, allowing Sterling Parfums to reach a wider audience, strengthen brand recognition, and foster customer loyalty through memorable experiences.”

Celebrating Arabian culture

“The Gulf News Fun Drive celebrates the essence of Arabian culture by immersing participants in the rich tradition of desert exploration and camaraderie, reinforcing the connection between off-roading adventures and the heritage of the region, which resonates deeply with Sterling Parfums commitment to luxury and authenticity.”

Watch brands on display at Fun Drive

Ali Zahid

Ali Zahid, Director, Time House, distributor of Tornado watches for GCC, said: “It is a fantastic opportunity for Tornado Watch brand to connect with their target audience. By aligning with an event that embodies adrenaline rush, adventure, exploration, and community engagement. It’s an excellent way to engage with potential customers in a meaningful and memorable way, while also showcasing the durability and reliability of Tornado Watches in diverse adventurous environments.

“Participating in the Gulf News Fun Drive allows us to showcase our watches in an environment where durability, reliability, and performance are essential. Our watches are built to withstand various conditions, making them ideal for participants navigating challenging terrains during the Fun Drive. Participating in large-scale off-roading desert events enhances the value of Arabian culture by celebrating its traditions, connecting people to the land, fostering community bonding, promoting adventure and exploration, and preserving its rich heritage of desert exploration and navigation,” said Zahid.

The 42nd Gulf News Overnighter Fun Drive Tilal Swaihan Experience has GWM TANK of Al Naboodah Group as the automotive sponsor.
Checkpoint sponsors for the event include the exclusive Automotive Sponsor, GWM Tank — Al Naboodah, and Castrol Magnatec, which serves as the exclusive lubricant sponsor. Additionally, Dobinsons Springs & Suspension Trading LLC, Al Jazira Poultry Farms LLC, TORC — The Off Road Company, and Yokohama Geolandar, the official tire for the event, and Quanta who are also the Ice-cream sponsor, are among the checkpoint sponsors.
Other support sponsors comprise Karcher, Xbox, Byrne, Steigens, Almarai, Armaf, Ciel Events, Plastica, Baqer Mohebi and Tornado Watches.
Capital Hospitality is responsible for catering the Fun Drive, while the Iranian Hospital is the medical partner. Recovery operations are being handled by IATC — the International Automobile and Touring Club of UAE. Al Ain Water is the official water sponsor, and Twinings is our Official Tea Sponsor.