Traveller with drugs hidden in a car caught while trying to enter UAE

Dubai Customs have recovered hashish and crystal meth from a car at the land border entry point.
Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Customs have arrested a motorist while entering the UAE with drugs hidden in car seats and luggage.

Custom officials got suspicious when the motorist tried to hasten through the customs inspections at the land border entry point. The suspect was then directed for a manual inspection leading to the recovery of plastic bags concealed in secret pockets of the clothes and car seats. Officers recovered 6.67kg of hashish and 3 grams of crystal meth during through search of vehicle.

Hamid Mohammed, Director of the Inland Customs Centers Management, said the interception showed the vigilance and expertise of Dubai Customs inspectors in reading body language and maintaining high security awareness.

Dubai Customs recover drugs hidden in car seats at a UAE land border entry point
Image Credit: Dubai Customs

He emphasised on Dubai Customs’ commitment to provide its inspectors with specialised training adhering to the highest global standards in reading body language, apprehending smugglers, and identifying prohibited and hazardous substances.

Mohammed Abdullah Rashid, Senior Inspection Manager, commended the skill and efficiency of inspectors for their effective role in preventing the entry of drugs into the country.