World champions to race drones in Sharjah

MultiGP, the world’s largest drone racing league, is co-organising the race alongside Sharjah Government Media Bureau
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Sharjah: The Drone Champions Race, the first race of its kind in Sharjah, will be held on April 20 and 21 at Al Majaz Amphitheater.

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The competition will feature 16 elite drone racers who are world champions and have won international awards. The racers include Paul Nurkala, who won the 2018 world championship title.

MultiGP, the world’s largest drone racing league, is co-organising the race alongside Sharjah Government Media Bureau.

Al Majaz Amphitheater is home to diverse events throughout the year
Image Credit: Supplied

The world’s most skilled racers will be competing over two days in four qualifiers. The top four competitors will qualify for the final race, which will take place on the second day.

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SGMB Director-General Tariq Saeed Allay said the race is part of Al Majaz Amphitheater’s efforts to enhance Sharjah’s reputation as a global tourist and sports destination. The event provides an opportunity to learn more about this type of racing, watch the world’s best racers, and discover the latest advancements in drone technology.

The event will also feature various side activities and shows to entertain visitors and drone racing enthusiasts. Individuals who wish to participate in the activities accompanying the event can register using their registered and authorised private aircraft in accordance with the UAE’s terms and conditions. A specific area will be allocated for them to practice their hobbies

Drone races are divided into two types. One type is based on speed and accuracy, with the objective of completing the course in the fastest time. The other type focuses on free display of skill in flying.