UAE rains: No need to panic, we have enough stocks, say supermarkets

Civil defence trucks drive through a road flooded by heavy rains in a residential community in Dubai.
Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: Large supermarket chains in the UAE late Thursday evening came forward to reassure residents that they have enough and more stocks of bread, milk and other essential groceries, even as round-the-clock efforts to restore normality continued in the UAE.

Bread supply

The reassurance comes in the wake of several claims by residents that groceries were flying off the shelves of some supermarkets, especially in the areas that have been badly affected by the rains. Many of these claims were being circulated on the social media.

In a statement, Dr Suhail Al Bastaki, Director Corporate Communications Deparment at Union Co-op, said: “Due to the recent unpredictable situation, bakery sections in some Union Coop branches are experiencing disruptions in supply chain operations, affecting especially the availability of fresh items such as poultry and bread. Rest assured we are actively collaborating with our suppliers to expedite deliveries.

“We remain committed to addressing these challenges and mitigating the impact on our customers as swiftly as possible. Our professionals are working on it since Day1 and our valued consumers need not panic.”

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No cause for panic

Kamal Vachani, Partner and Group Director of the Al Maya Group, which runs 50 supermarkets across the UAE, the rain-hit areas included, said, “There is absolutely no cause for panic. There is no question of any short supply of any item, be it a bakery or dairy product. We have maintained a robust supply chain to cater to the 20-25 per cent increase in demand over the past two days.”

He said the group has three in-house bakeries which are equipped to replenish stocks as and when required.

Hoarding practice

“It is not uncommon for people to hoard food items at times like these, but there is no need for panic. We never suffered from any shortages even during the prolonged COVID-19 period, so how could we now? We are fortunate to live in a country like the UAE where we can take these things for granted,” he added.

Lulu Group, which runs over 100 supermarkets and hypermarkets across the UAE, also reported no shortage in food products.


“During the first two days of the unstable weather conditions, we had some challenges in accessing a couple of outlets, but now everything is back to normal,” said V Nandakumar, director of Marketing and Communications at Lulu.

“There is no shortage of food products and even if the products are getting sold fast in the affected areas, we can always supply them immediately. We would to like assure our customers that there is no need for them to panic and buy things in bulk,” he added.