UAE rains: Dubai facilitated flow of over 400,000 travellers at air, land and sea ports in three days

Travellers at passport control at Dubai International Airport
Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The efforts of passport officers at air, land and sea ports in Dubai facilitated travel procedures for more than 400,000 arriving and departing passengers during the unprecedented rains from April 15 to 17.

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The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA Dubai) said the Directorate, under the direct supervision of Lieutenant General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, director of GDRFA Dubai, achieved “exceptional performance that led to overcoming difficulties” for 419,047 passengers during the rains.

This was the result of “flexibility, effectiveness, quick response, and proactiveness” demonstrated by the teams in dealing with “emergency circumstances”, GDRFA Dubai said in a statement on Saturday.

Day-by-day passenger tally
-On April 15, Dubai airports welcomed 195,803 passengers, with 111,346 arrivals and 84,457 departures.
-The following day saw 133,801 passengers, with 78,281 arrivals and 55,520 departures.
-Finally, on April 17, there were 74,406 passengers, including 48,903 arrivals and 25,503 departures.
Meanwhile, at land and sea ports, 15,037 travellers were facilitated over the same three-day period.

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Lt Gen Al Marri expressed his gratitude for the efforts made by the working group, and the importance of cooperation with partners in achieving public service goals and raising the level of satisfaction among travellers.

He added that the Directorate is working in coordination with the airport administration by adopting a set of policies and procedures aimed at ensuring travellers’ safety. Lt Gen Al Marri said postponing some flights was due to the “great responsibility and great concern for the safety of travellers”.