Dubai Safari Park offers unbeatable end-of-season package for families

Image Credit: Supplied

Before the mercury hits uncomfortable levels and outdoor activities lose their charm, round up your children and head to Dubai Safari Park that’s offering an unbeatable package for families. For as little as Dh105, a family of five can enjoy the sprawling wildlife attraction that houses 3,000 animals from across the world in its 119-hectare facility. This is the last chance for both children and adults to get up-close with mammals, reptiles and birds in a habitat resembling their natural environment before the park closes for this season on June 2.

Watching lions, tigers, crocodiles, hippos, hyenas, African elephants and such exotic animals in a setting that’s closer to their natural habitat is a wondrous experience for one and all. For children, however, it’s an adventure into the unknown, where species they have only seen on screens or read in books come alive in front of their eyes in their natural surroundings. It’s an introduction that can ignite a life-long love for wildlife and nature.

So what are you waiting for? Gather your family, dress them up in comfy clothes and shoes, slather on the sunscreen, don your hats and make your way to Dubai Safari Park before it downs its shutters for the season.