Is Anguilla Safe To Visit? Travel Advisory 2024

Anguilla is a popular and safe destination for solo travelers as well as families, being one of the safest islands in the Caribbean. Just exercise caution at night, especially near ATMs.

There isn’t a general risk that could harm Anguilla residents or visitors, but there is a chance for crime, just like in every tourist destination.

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TRAVEL NEWS – Latest Updates from Anguilla

February 2, 2024: Anguilla is breaking its tourism records

Anguilla has achieved a landmark in tourism by recording an unprecedented number of stayover visitor arrivals last year, surpassing its previous record set in 2019 before the pandemic. The island, located near St. Martin, welcomed 95,944 stayover guests, contributing to a total of 155,732 visitors including day-trippers. This trend of record-breaking visitor arrivals in 2023 is consistent across the Caribbean, supported by a robust global travel market.

January 26, 2024: Anguilla uses gun amnesty to clamp down on illegal firearms and ammo

Anguilla is initiating a campaign titled “Stop the Guns” to address the surge in gun violence linked to illegal firearms on the island. The government, in collaboration with the Governor and the Royal Anguilla Police Force, has set two weeks, from January 29 to February 11, 2024, during which residents are encouraged to voluntarily surrender any unlawful guns and ammunition. To promote participation, authorities have assured that individuals who turn in weapons or ammunition within this timeframe will not face prosecution for illegal possession under the newly enacted “Gun Amnesty Law.” This measure aims to mitigate the recent uptick in gun-related crimes by removing illegal firearms from the community.

Official Travel Advisories

U.S. Travel Advisory

U.S. Department of State ranks Anguilla Level 1 travel advisory, meaning, Exercise Normal Precautions.

Crimes do not specifically target citizens of the United States on the island. Nonetheless, there are sporadic occurrences of violent crime, including murder, sexual assault, robbery, shootings, and criminal acts involving drugs, in addition to crimes of opportunity like petty theft, burglary, and car break-ins.

Canada Travel Advisory

Take normal security precautions in Anguilla, since it is very safe. However, there are petty crimes like pickpocketing and purse snatching. There are crimes involving drugs as well.

Make sure that your passport and other travel documents, along with any other personal belongings, are always kept safe.

After dark, stay away from beaches and unpopulated areas, and never leave food or beverages unattended. 

Areas to Avoid

There aren’t any locations in Anguilla that you should avoid or that are inherently dangerous. However, stay away from all remote locations, including beaches after dark.

Since the majority of people live in the Valley, the capital of Anguilla, there is also a higher crime rate there. Remember that when you pay a visit.

Common Scams

Here’s how to stay safe from tourist scams in Anguilla in 2024. 

Guessing Game Fraud

A man with three boxes and a group of people attempting to guess which box a ball is in can be seen on the streets. As you’re distracted by where the ball is, the group members quickly pickpocket you for any valuables. 

ATM Helpers

Someone approaches you and offers to help you avoid paying local bank fees. Their real goal is to watch you enter your PIN while they use a card skimmer they carry around in their pocket to scan your credit or debit card and empty your account later. 

Bar Pals

Friendly locals will suggest going for a drink at a nearby bar (that they work with.) After a few shots, the total cost will increase by five to ten times. 

Overcharging in Taxis

Make sure you ask the driver to turn on the meter whenever you get into a taxi in Anguilla. To ensure you know how long the ride should take, it’s also a good idea to check your route on Google Maps before hopping in the taxi. 

Safety Tips for Anguilla

Anguilla is extremely safe, but crime can still happen. These are some key tips to keep you safe when in town.

  • Ensure that doors and windows are locked at night and that your car is secured when left unattended.
  • Stay away from isolated areas, including beaches, once darkness falls.
  • Avoid carrying substantial sums of cash or valuable jewelry.
  • Whenever feasible, store valuables and travel documents in safety deposit boxes or hotel safes.
  • In the event of an attempted armed robbery, refrain from offering resistance.