This Is The Most Expensive Destination In Mexico, And It’s Not Tulum

It’s been a long time since Mexico became the preferred destination for tourists looking to indulge in its Caribbean vibe, sun-soaked beaches, and exotic cuisine.

In fact, data provided by the Secretary of Tourism show that over 12 million Americans spent their holidays in Mexico last year.

There’s a popular belief that the tequila’s country is a cheap destination for Americans due to the strong dollar. But according to tourists’ perceptions visiting Cabo has started to feel more like visiting Los Angeles.

According to a recent analysis carried out by TripAdvisor, Los Cabos (or Cabo) has ranked as the most expensive destination in Mexico in 2024.

When visiting this peninsula, be prepared to fork out no less than $425 to $550 per day (no airfare included), according to the travel platform Hopper. 

The Ministry of Tourism (SECTUR) determined that air transportation costs to Mexico have increased 32,33% over 2023.

Other tourist services that have experienced a significant rise include hotels, 6,19%; tours, 7,74%; dining, 7,45% and roadway tolls, 7,74%.

Anyway, Cabo has always drawn Americans to its coasts thanks to its world-class resorts, high-end spas, cutting-edge golf courses, and international restaurants. Let’s dive into how to reduce costs when planning a getaway to Cabo.

Travel Costs to Cabo

First and foremost, living in Cabo is not the same as traveling to Cabo. Thus, statistics on the local cost of living may not really help you plan a reasonable budget.

On average, you can find flights starting at $447, which is still reasonable. But it’ll be a little bit more difficult to find hotels for less than $475 per night.   

How to Reduce Costs on a Cabo Getaway

Due to a myriad of political and economic factors the Mexican peso has been strengthing over the last few years, which means our dollars have been losing their value at the same time. 

As of today, the local currency has appreciated around 20% against the American dollar. So, carefully planning your budget is now more relevant than ever.

As airfares and hotel rooms are the two tourist categories that have seen the major increase, always book your flights and accommodations no less than two months in advance.

Opt for summer rather than winter travel. It may be warmer and rainier than usual but it’s more affordable.   

Counterintuitively, booking all-inclusive resorts may help you save money on food and entertainment.

Needless to say, vacation rentals such as Airbnb can be more convenient than luxury resorts and even hotels. 

Regardless of the current travel costs, Mexican authorities state that visiting the destination is still a good deal for overseas travelers.